Kenny Chesney’s Time In the Islands Helps Him Understand “Knowing You”

Kenny Chesney’s Time In the Islands Helps Him Understand “Knowing You”

While country music is known for its share of heartbreak and break up songs, Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You” is not one of those.

The track takes an interesting perspective of appreciating the people that are no longer in your life, and looking back on the time when they were in a positive way.

Kenny relates to this sentiment in a big way because of the relationships he’s had down in the islands of the Caribbean, “You know my life in the islands…we had such a close group of friends that I don’t really see that much anymore. We experience so much life together in such a short time and I miss them and they miss me but life has just taken…some of them had kids, some left island, some have moved on in different areas of their life, but man it was great knowing them. It was great having that moment together because in that short period of time it may be one of the moments where I felt most alive in my life…other than being on stage now nothing replaces feeling that alive in front of thousands of people and being so in the moment with music. But, in my life I felt really alive with that group of friends.”.

“Knowing You” from Kenny Chesney’s album, Here And Now, is knocking on the door to the top spot on the country music airplay chart.

Check out the music video for “Knowing You.”

Photo Credit: Allister Ann