Exclusive: Olivia Lane Talks the Inspiration Behind New Self-Titled EP

From the country-rich state of Texas, by way of Houston, comes effervescent singer/songwriter Olivia Lane, whose self-title EP drops today (July 29).

“The inspiration behind this EP is the life I’ve been living, going for my dreams in Nashville,” says Olivia. “Each one of these songs, I’ve poured my heart and my soul into. As soon as I put them out there in the world, they are everyone else’s songs, so I hope each fan takes the songs, internalizes them and is like, ‘This is what this song means to me,’ because that’s what music is about. The fact that some people show up [at my concerts] and already know some of the words to these songs, it’s so cool that people are relating to something that I’m going through and we’re all going through the same thing.”


Olivia Lane Track Listing

  1. “Lighting”
  2. “Quarter Life Crisis”
  3. “Make My Own Sunshine”
  4. “She Fits”
  5. “My Heartache”
  6. “There’s a Guy”
  7. “Keychain”

Check out Olivia talking about each track from her new EP.

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photo by Amanda van Sandt